Social media engagement is the word we used to hear a lot in this era of digital evolution. What is social media engagement in actuality? 

Social media engagement refers to the public shares, likes, or comments for an online business’s social forum efforts. For instance, with around 1.5 billion users, Facebook hits one of the most vital social networks for both online and offline businesses. However, ROI for social media marketing is tricky, and engagement is a blanket metric that lacks the will to show how many users end up purchasing.

Social media is on the verge to claim its rightful throne in the marketing world since for many businesses it’s the activator for brand growth. If treated well, it’s domino-effect can bring up unprecedented waves of success for businesses to boost brand visibility and improve conversions for lucrative outcomes.

Sure you have read, written, or consulted day-to-day to get the best of social interactions and make your brands an apple to one’s eye. 

But by “Like my page” strategy or some CTA (call-to-action) surely not enough to hold the customers for your products or services. 

Let’s look at ideas that could turn your business into a dream project. We have artistically organized the social media tactics into an acronym to get them easily memorize for you. Let’s dive in.

S= Select Your Strategy

In actuality, there are no one-size-fits-all answers. Since every business holds it’s unique astute and objectives, their media handling tactics will be different too. 

Blustering brands like Domino’s Pizza or Amazon should be having a diverse mindset while making social engagement strategies and will step ahead with this only. 

domino pizza & amazon

Likewise, Domino’s has an image of a youthful, funny, or weird brand, while Amazon aims to serve people with exceptional products and services: their social buzz is both engaging in their own ways.

Depending on what favors your brand or what your business is all about, your social media action goals might be:

  • Revamp your brand’s perception
  • Creating new buyer leads
  • Gathering fresh feedbacks
  • Upskill audiences with resources and advice

O= Optimal in Approach

Posting frequently is ideal to keep your content fresh and invaluable in the social streams. However, posting at the right time in a day is crucial as well, so your sweet fantasy meme doesn’t miss its chance for maximum audience exposure.

It’s almost impossible to be at your computer 24/7 (believe us, we’ve tried) but you can still produce timely content through handy scheduling tools like Hootsuite or CoSchedule, etc to launch your posts in advance.

If users feel you are inactive or never get their hands on your content, they are likely to run away from your grip or can see your brand as slack to follow.

social media posting times

Make sure your customers recognize you by fitting, engaging, and consistent content posting on social communities.

Remember: Periodic posts about the fresh company or industry news, will help your business be seen as a real force within the market. Posting this class of content often will lead you ahead of the game.

C= Create User-Friendly Content

Write content that should solve the mysteries of the audiences and highlight their needs and pain points. Think about “conversation” not “performance show.”

Don’t just talk about your promotions or sales stuff like that. It only showcases your brand as one of the other businesses that existed on earth.

Be cool. Be sure and create a chit-chat buzz around your brand. For instance, as a happy meal company, posts of your new items will only treat you as ordinary folk- not able to create a blast.

But if you tweak something refreshing like “how to prepare a fully veg Hamburger” or “what would be your servings for a birthday scene”, this will surely dilate the interest of the people in your brand.

In this Sephora cosmetic post, masterminds used the image of their products with a little mind game for the customers. They insert a hashtag of #wouldyourather in the post to indulge the customers which can be a game-changer for their brand’s image.

sephora product

I= Incentive to the Customers

We’ve afore-mentioned the adequacy of relevant content for the users but now shift your focus on how can you equally hold the customers on your posts?

Giveaways, special discounts, contests, or promotions urge users to become fascinated by your brand. Cool-down the people’s competitive spirit by featuring mesmeric incentives in your social media campaigns.

Users might become highly infatuated with the contest or rewards you unlock. This temptation will certainly bring surprising effects for your brand or products.

Let’s look at one of Fido’s engaging post examples- a “chance to win” contest.”

Fido contest image

The post from Fido a telecommunication company outshines their competitors by drawing an audience in a winning contest. This engaging move can seriously ignite excitement while boosting the brand’s visibility.

A= Analyze Current Engagement

Impressive social media analytics are so important to mark the progress of your brand. Seeking the current form of your social media outreach is vital to foster future changes.

Consider the ongoing likes, comments, shares, or reach of your social business profiles and shift your momentum towards the loopholes you found. Thanks to social intellectuals, as we have now plenty of tools to analyze our social media engagement and obtain a general overview.

Social ROI or engagement rate calculators are the other advanced tools to consider. However, you can also trace the performance of your social profiles directly through social platforms.

google analytics image

All the different metrics will alter with each social site, but there’s always some exciting tidbit to take out. By fusing or adopting all these to your businesses you’ll find a way to real social intel.

Although through our expertise, we recommend a few most prone analytics tools:

Here’s what you might get on diverse social media channels straight from their platforms:

1. Facebook

Facebook Analytics has a very robust and extensive dashboard with maximum ways to track your social engagement.

You will see the following metrics on the popular social media platform:

  • Audience Reach: Who interacted with your posts? How many people saw it? The hidden posts? Did anyone report the posts as spam or warning?
  • People Trends: What are the demographics of the people who landed on your Page? (Get instant support with Audience Insights.) How do people get to your Page? When do people visit your Page? 
  • Posts & ViewsWhat posts are performing best? How many views are you getting for your Page? Which sections are they interested in?

facebook analytics

2. Twitter

Besides, Twitter is another commendable platform for social interactions, having useful tools to monitor the metrics.

You can trace the following metrics:

  • Engagement evaluate: How many engagements and impressions are you getting?
  • Reach calculation: How many followers saw your tweet?
  • Link clicks: How many click-throughs your post get?
  • Optimal posting: When is the audience most likely to be on Twitter? What time zone do they have?

twitter analytics

3. Instagram

Instagram Insights is the way forward to track your Instagram engagement. The dashboard equips with all the vital social media action metrics you’ll wish for your campaign to perform. It’s not super advanced, but worth reviewing anyway.

Instagram Insights able to track the following metrics:

  • Audience trends: Where do they exist? What gender they have? What is the age bracket?
  • Optimal posting: When are your followers use Instagram? What days and times they prefer?
  • Hot content: What posts excite them? What posts get more hearts?

Instagram insights

L= Loyalty and Credibility

Create your brand’s image as a perfect and ultimate “stop ” for the visitors. But how can you leave such a powerful impact on your business inside your audience’s minds?

client review

Be loyal and credible to the customers through winking posts and content on your social media profiles. Try to win your customers’ loyalty through the best comfort you provide them. 

For instance, spark the social buzz with highly-interactive content, ready-to-go services, fulfill promises, on-time delivery, highly-customized products, and the list will go on. 

For easy-breezy circumstances, we have wrapped our impactful ideas in a bullet points list:

  • Make your brand known: Customers should respect your post ideas once they open up with you. Try to be interactive and important to your audience by remembering their birthdays, most-interested posts, celebrate their achievements, and more like this. 
  • Offer Loyalty Programs/Rewards: Once the customer is on your site or social media page, don’t let them go of your reach. If they buy your services, offer them various discount offers, cashback, or any reward points. 
  • Understand Value: You should be so sunk in to know about your customers’ choices and interests. Make them feel relevant and mighty by streaming bubbles of comfort or excitement through your services. Also, understand their conventional taste and the menu of choice they hold while visiting your social profiles.
  • Solve queries fast: As per smallbiztrends, a very high percentage of customers –82% expect a fast response to their questions. Dull responses or incompetence in solving an issue online might outburst in losing your customers forever.

Engage Your Social Media Followers Now

Let this metamorphic acronym S O C I A L bring improvement to your brand? Here’s a quick review:

  • (S) Strategy
  • (O)Optimal Approach
  • (C)Create user-friendly content
  • (I) Incentives
  • (L) Loyalty & Credibility

We hope you found these ideas and steps useful — and engaging for life!