About the policy

At Horizon Advertising Inc, customer protection is one of our main concerns at www.Horizon Advertising Inc .com, and we treat it as if it were ours. Although we collect customer data, it is only used to improve customer management. Our organization understands that it is our responsibility to maintain and use customer data. We do not rent or provide data that customers provide us online.

This agreement explains how personal data we collect from customers is used, why it is collected, and how it is used. As part of our strategy, we describe the decisions you can make regarding the collection and use of your data.


Personal information collected

The data collected in the design field includes the customer’s name, email address, shipping information, and phone number. This is the data that clients provide us with when requesting or storing data in our organization. We may also use email addresses or street numbers received via postcard frames, such as our contact form, to respond to comments, questions, etc.

Our organization will also keep a record of the things that have attracted our customers in the past. Also, customers will buy the products online.


Use of collected data

The data collected is used as part of several optimization methods. Our organization uses the data stored by clients to process their requests. We will also send these messages to confirm the order. If our organization has any other requests for the order batch, our customer management team can also contact them via phone, street number, or email.

The data collected is used as part of several optimization methods. Our organization uses the data stored by clients to process their requests. We will also send these messages to confirm the order. If our organization has any other requests for batch orders, our customer management team can also contact them via phone, street number or email.


Newsletter opt-out

If you no longer wish to receive our brochures and correspondence for a limited time, you can choose not to access them by following the instructions in each advertisement or message, or by calling us at the address below or by calling +1 567 2489 758.

As a customer, we can redesign the website and administration section, which may contain brochures and progress statements. Likewise, we may use your interests and shopping data to help our organization improve our website layout and customer experience.


Social networks (jobs) and widgets

Our site contains social media features such as Facebook Like Records [and widgets such as sharing this screenshot or small smart programs that can continue to work on our site]. These features may collect your IP address and information about any page of our website you are on, and may determine the benefits of this feature. Web functionality and third-party user interface elements or that are specifically promoted on our website. Your collaboration with these roles is represented by the security practices of the organization providing the role.


Sharing by third parties

Unless a written agreement is reached, personal data will not be transferred to the outside world. We will not share personal data with third parties under any circumstances..

We use credit card processors to charge you service fees. These organizations will not store, transfer, store, or use personally identifiable information for purposes that could be used for certain other purposes. We also use ZopimChat to provide live chat for customer support on our site. These organizations may only use their private data when providing services to us.

Security of personal information

Our customers’ data is secure because security can be ensured in transit using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software that is able to encrypt the data entered by customers.

We will use industry-recognized patterns when transferring and receiving data to protect the security of the personal data transferred to us. However, the electronic inventory technology or strategy transmitted over the Internet is not 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to use financially satisfactory intent to protect your data, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

If you have any questions about security on our site, you can email us at info@horizon.com.


Access to the registered accounts

Clients can register on our login page to register their account. Once verified, customers can enter their past records and data provided to the site in the past. Clients can change their details after clicking “My Account” to log into their account.


Change and delete / cancel subscription

Customers must send emails requesting to unsubscribe or delete their data. This shall prevent the customer from accepting messages specifying any online requests he has made on the site.

Regardless of whether your records are dynamic or expected to benefit you, we will keep your data for a certain period of time. If you wish to delete your records or ask us not to use your data to generate revenue, it would be ideal for you to contact us. We will retain and use your data to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and maintain our understanding.

Cookies and their use

Cookies are alphanumeric identifiers that can be transferred to a customer’s hard drive via their web program. This allows our framework to be aware of the volume of programs and items that customers put in their shopping cart during their visit.

The help section in the toolbars of most programs is very helpful in explaining how to prevent the program from allowing new foods, how to allow the program to notify customers when to eat another food, or how to spoil the food from the inside. In any case, the rewards allow you to take advantage of important components on our website and our organization encourages the customer to forgo recognition.

Second, we track the location of your IP address to identify issues with troubleshooting our servers and crawling of our webpages. Your IP address is also used to collect comprehensive demographic data about you, such as your region and your internet service provider. We may also collect aggregate data about how customers use the site. This could include mathematical design data at the site level and traceability issues. Personal Information (PII) does not have IP addresses / Log data attached.

Third, we will record the program sequence, access time, our visitor’s URL and the visitor’s viewer URL on our site. However, generally a disease is addressed in this privacy policy, we will not share this data with third parties, except for the joint structure.

The Privacy Policy does not guarantee the use of food by our partners, subsidiaries, service providers, or management service providers. We do not accept or control these treatments. Our partner, partner, organization of the following services, and administrative service providers use session ID management technology that makes fun of the need to browse our website.

GIF scan (web signal / network error)

We are using an innovative product called clear gif (also known as web beacon / web bug) to allow me to monitor myself and the content of successful approaches to your online presentation. Clear GIFs are small illustrations with special IDs, which are comparable in processing power and used to monitor the online development of web clients. After managing the client computer hard drive, the gif file is found on the webpage, which corresponds to the timeout period at the end of this sentence. We will not link data accumulated from clear GIFs to selectable data client operations.


With your consent, we can place your reference letter next to your name. You must remove your personal identification if contact is required.

Link to other websites

The Site contains group websites and other websites and the protections in question may differ from ours. Personal data in one of the languages, privacy statement and your data are invited. We recommend that you read the privacy policy carefully of any website you visit.

Privacy Policy Amendment Notice

We will decide to change our security strategy, and also offer to change this security notice, its landing page, and where appropriate we think, how do you understand the data we collect, how it is used and under what conditions (in any situation). It is essential that I change this protection at any time, and I will ask you to review it often. It is unlikely that we will significantly contribute to migration to this method, and you will inform by email or any other means in the way that you will be notified on the primary landing page that the change is effective.

Legal notice

We claim all rights to disclose personally identifiable information as required by law and when disclosure is necessary to guarantee our rights and / or consent to a succession file, legal request or litigation on our website.


In the event that the owner of our privacy policy or our use of data, please call toll-free +1 567 2489 758 or send an email to info@horizon.com.